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CBD Cannabis Products Medicinal Herbal Medicines


Discovery, development, and commercialization of cannabis-based
therapeutic products in preparation for a global marketplace.

We are currently working to combine cannabis-based drugs with naturally occurring medicines, ancient herbal
remeidis and transdermal carriers that allow us to treat for specific indications.

Like Cannabis, many herbal remedies have been used for thousands of years by ancient healthcare providers,
but they've all but dissapeared with the rise of the modern medical industry which ignores treatments
that are not profitable.

We specialize in high CBD Cannabis products because we believe that safe,
natural medicines can be effective and profitable.


Need information about how to use cannabis for your health needs?
We are happy to provide guidance in any way we can.








Natures Meds is a Garden, we work directly with valid OMMP patients with a current OMMP card and a Current Govt issued ID card (drivers licence, or passport). All our products are things that we grow and produce. We do not purchase any products for resale. Oregon OMMP law allows for the transfer of Cannabis from a registered grower to a registered patient, and the patient may provide a monetary reimbursement which covers delivery and grow costs. Is our service legal? Everything that has to do with Cannabis is somewhat of a grey area due to the Federal Govt maintaining the Schedule 1 status of the plant. However, the federal govt has a stated policy of non-interference and is allowing states to set their own laws for Cannabis as long as they fall within certain Federal guidelines. Your safety and ours, as well as your confidentiality is our highest priority and we would not offer our service if we did not have confidence that what we are doing is completely legal according to Oregon state law.

We are excited about the passing of Measure 91 which will soon legalize recreational Cannabis use. As soon as the licenses are available, we will be applying for a grower's license and a retail license under this new law.

CBD Tinctures and Medical Marijuana products. Serving OMMP patients with CBD oil, RSO, Rick Simpson Oil, Cannabis female Sex enhancer lubricant, herbal remedy, lube, Cannabis is NOT an FDA approved medicine. As such, any discussion of cures or treatments involving the use of Cannabis are not FDA approved. All our products are considered Dietary Supplements and are not claimed to treat or cure any disease.