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Eugene Oregon Cannabis marijuana delivery service

Delivery Service

High Quality medication delivered to your doorstep

Free delivery in Eugene or Springfield with a mimimum reimbursement order of $75

A current OMMP card and a Current Govt issued ID card (drivers licence, or passport) are required.

Daily deliveries   5pm  to  8pm    please call before 5.


Every delivery of $100 or more gets a free Gram of our pressed Hash.


We specialize in Growing high CBD Plant Strains


Need information about how to use cannabis for your health needs?

We are happy to provide consulting and guidance in any way we can.



Hash Wafers

Our Hash wafers are made with trichomes collected from the small leaves trimmed off our Skywalker buds.

We've decarboxylated these for you so they're ready to smoke, or you can
cook with them, or toss a little chunk in with your smoothie.

Cooking with these or the oil extracts below is a great way to ingest
cannabis without the need to take any sort of smoke into your lungs.

Hash is a great value for the everyday smoker dealing with chronic pain or other issues that require a constant daily intake of Cannabis.

Pressed Cannabis Hash puck for pain treatment

Whole Plant Extract
(Commonly called RSO, or Rick Simpson Oil)

We soak our plants in 190 proof Ethanol for a full week before we strain out the plant matter and filter the liquid with a 1.5 micron laboratory filter. This removes all bacteria and fungus spores if there are any.

These extracts contain varying amounts of THC and CBD depending on which plant they are made from. They also contain the full range of roughly 80 Cannabinoids and many different Terpenes found in these amazing plants. This concentrated oil is the most medicinally active part of the plant.

We grow several varieties of plants with differing amounts of THC and CBD so we can pick and choose among our oils to create tinctures and capsules to accomodate pretty much any THC/CBD ratio you can imagine.

Want a 100% CBD tincture for your child... we can make it.
Want a 25%THC and 30%CBD ointment for your pain... we can make it.
Want a full dose of 60 grams for Cancer treatment.... we can make it.


We create our tinctures with 190 proof Ethanol known commonly as Everclear.
It tastes horrible but its awesome at dissolving every bit of goodness out of our plants. We mix this with Organic Soy Vegetable Glycerin and a touch of honey to take the edge off the alcohol taste. In the end, we've got a mix that tastes good and really packs a punch.

For those with Chronic pain issues, try our high THC blend made from our Skywalker OG. This is an extremely strong Indica that will melt you back into your couch without a care in the world.

For youngsters and those with seizure issues, we've got a CBD tincture that contains only tiny amounts of THC.

CBD oils concentrates and tinctures cannabis
BHO concentrates with THCnnnnnnn n


We use a closed loop Butane Extraction machine with a vacuum
purging system to produce clean THC concentrate.

This machine allows us to distill our butane before use so there is
none of the "mystery oil" that is normally associated with blowing
Butane directly from the can.

These concentrates are made from our Indica THC plants so they are great for pain, increasing appetite, sleep, anxiety etc.

This material can also be added to one of our custom tinctures which makes for a very easy method of ingesting it without having to smoke or vaporize it.

For daily medical users, Tinctures are a much more clean and efficient way ti get Cannabis into your body than smoking.


We combine organic Coconut Oil with our Cannabis Extracts. This makes an extremely efficient method of ingesting without harming your lungs and without the hassle of smoking. The Coconut oil also improves the digestion of the THC oils.

We have THC caps made from our Skywalker strain.
These are great for Sleep, Cancer treatment and chronic pain.

We also have CBD caps made from several of our high CBD strains. We have some with a balance of THC:CBD and some with almost zero THC that are great for children or anyone that doesn't want the "high" effect.

CBD capsules Cannabis







"I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world.

This makes it so hard to plan the day."

~E. B. White








Natures Meds is a service for valid OMMP patients with a current OMMP card and a Current Govt issued ID card (drivers licence, or passport). Oregon OMMP law allows for the transfer of Cannabis from a registered grower to a registered patient, and the patient may provide a monetary reimbursement which covers delivery and grow costs. Is our service legal? Everything that has to do with Cannabis is somewhat of a grey area due to the Federal Govt maintaining the Schedule 1 status of the drug. However, the federal govt has a stated policy of non-interference and is allowing states to set their own laws for Cannabis as long as they fall within certain Federal guidelines. Your safety and ours, as well as your confidentiality is our highest priority and we would not offer this service if we did not have confidence that what we are doing is completely legal according to state law.

We are excited about the passing of Measure 91 which will soon legalize recreational Cannabis use. As soon as the licenses are available, we will be applying for a grower's license and a retail license under this new law.

Medical Marijuana Delivery Serving OMMP patients in Eugene, Springfield, Pleasant Hill, Cresswell, Cottage Grove, Corvallis, Oakridge, Junction City, and Florence Oregon. CBD oil, RSO, Rick Simpson Oil, Cannabis is NOT an FDA approved medicine. As such, any mention of cures or treatments involving the use of Cannabis are not FDA approved.