High CBD Cannabis Products - combining Cannabis with ancient Herbal Medicines



Our Mission:

Development, and commercialization of Cannabis based therapeutic products.


Many herbal remedies like Cannabis, have been used for thousands of years by ancient healthcare providers, but they've all but dissapeared with the rise of the modern medical industry which ignores treatments that are not patentable.

We are proud to carry on the traditional use of these medicinal ingredients and we feel extremely blessed to be able to draw on a worldwide pharmacopoeia that allows us to collect and incorporate the most potent ingredients from each region of the planet.

Ancient healers only knew of one or two of our ingredients because of geographic isolation. Now we can bring them all together in a line of products that represents the finest herbal medicines our planet has to offer.



High CBD Tincture, Cancer, Chronic Pain, Alzheimers, Autism, Epileptic seizures,

Tinctures are the foundation of our product line.

We believe that as the public becomes better educated about Cannabis consumption, they will gravitate towards the simpler and more efficient methods of ingesting Cannabis products instead of smoking.



Our Product lineup includes....

  • Pure CBD,
  • A Blend of CBD & THC
  • Recreational Indica
  • Recreational Sativa
  • Pain Topical Roll-on
  • Female Sexual Experience Enhancer
  • CBD Chocolate
  • Blend Chocolate
  • THC Indica Chocolate



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Natures Meds is located in Eugene, Oregon.

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Cannagasm and Cancer Blend, have US Patents Pending.