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Marijuanna OMMP Bud Cannabis flower
Skywalker, is a favorite that many of our patients prefer for the treatment of Pain, insomnia,
lack of appetite and even Cancer. This heavy hitting Indica is loaded with CBD.


When You Visit the Dispensary

You will need...

    1. OMMP Card (or your application and proof of mailing)
    2. Picture ID

Without your OMMP card and ID,
you will not be allowed to enter.


Do you believe in the "Law of Attraction?"

A few days ago I spoke with a woman from the east coast with a child who has multiple seizures every day. She complained that she couldn't get CBD medicine from Colorado because they were all out. I told her I didn't have any and didn't know of anyone in Oregon that grew these special plants that are high in CBD. Eventually she even offered to buy me some seeds and she would move to Oregon - with her entire family - if I would agree to grow them for her.

After the call I looked up the high CBD strains and started shopping overseas where we normally buy seeds but they were all sold out. So I checked the breeder of the plants at SoHum Seeds in Cali and they were sold out too. I wrote them an email and they replied that they can't ship over state lines. So I gave up.

Later that day, I went to the bank running errands and my friend (and neighbor) saw me in the parking lot and came running up to tell me (leaving his car with the door open in the middle of the Bank of America parking lot) that he'd just been down visiting with his friends in Cali and they gave him some seeds from a high CBD plant, and he says, "is that something that would interest you?" Turns out his friend was Lawrence Ringo, the owner/breeder at SoHum Seeds, and he had just given my neighbor a big bud branch full of seeds from this variety called Swiss Sour Tsunami. Mister Ringo died the day before all this happened and upon further research, I found out that the Swiss version of this Sour Tsunami plant was one of Mr Ringo's last two creations before he left us. According to his research, each seedling has roughly a 50% chance of being a high CBD plant.

I sprouted the seeds day before yesterday and today 10 of them were over two inches.

Today is April 16, 2014 and about 20 of the seeds are over 2 inches.

I think the universe just smiled on me.





Medical Marijuana Serving OMMP patients in Eugene, Springfield, Pleasant Hill, Cresswell, Cottage Grove, Corvallis, Oakridge, Junction City, and Florence Oregon. Cannabis is NOT an FDA approved medicine. As such, any mention of cures or treatments involving the use of Cannabis are not FDA approved.